Finally, we will have a chance to see what we were waiting for so long! The Lion King movie! Disney definitely needed to do something about it. Disney made this movie be incredibly photorealistic. They have used a CG animation and claim how everyone should watch it. We will, Disney, don't worry!

We all know Simba. How does he look like in the movie? They have chosen the cutest little lion for this role. Simba is getting used to life in the wilderness and realizing how it works. That is what we can see from the trailer.
Besides that, a lot of positive vibes (or better said-'Hakuna Matata' vibes) can be heard from this trailer.

This is definitely one of the best of Disney's classic. It will finally come to life in the best possible way! Who is your favorite character in The Lion King? How do you imagine Mufasa to look like? What about Scar? Do you think how something will be made different than in the cartoon?

Personally, I cannot wait to see Pumba and Timon. Those two characters are definitely the best!
Whatever happens, know how we will tell you that first! Stay tuned and enjoy some of the best movies!

About the Author : Hello good people, I am Mike and I enjoy movies a lot! There is literally none movie I haven't watched, and there is none actor I haven't heard of! Are you like me? If you are, know how I will keep you informed about the things you like and those that interest you!

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