We all know Will Smith as an amazing actor full of different talents. Yet, he needs to face something that may be beyond his means. What would that be? A new role in Gemini Man, where Smith will need to face the biggest enemy he has ever met in his entire life. You guess, he will have to face himself!

The movie is definitely something that will change his life, as Will Smith claims. It will be about his clone, a younger ''Will Smith'' of 23 years old. Of course, Gemini Man will not be that obvious, but it will make Will Smith think how he is actually facing some strong opponent, and not himself.

When asked why he was chosen for this role, he claimed how that is because no one is even similar to him. It seems like how this man has a lot of confidence. Yet, that really doesn't surprise us.
How old is Will Smith now? He just turned 50. So, can you imagine him fighting against his younger self? We all must admit how it would be really hard to fight against ourselves from the younger ages.
Are you excited about this movie? Is Will Smith the best actor for this role?

About the Author : Hello good people, I am Mike and I enjoy movies a lot! There is literally none movie I haven't watched, and there is none actor I haven't heard of! Are you like me? If you are, know how I will keep you informed about the things you like and those that interest you!

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