There is one thing about Child's Play reboot that everyone agrees about-it is definitely becoming scarier and scarier each time we get an offer to see more of it! This time, you will be even able to hear the voice of Child's Play, and people claim how it literally creeped them out!
1988's horror classic is definitely getting some new form. We must admit how we expected that because such a movie can become so much better with the nowadays technology.
The traditional Chukky doll won't be so popular after the Buddi doll take its place soon. The Buddi Game? Yes, this doll will literally control people through a mobile app. It somehow reminds us of a Momo Challenge Game.
The scariest thing about this movie, besides the Buddi doll, is definitely how it is made in some way 'to be real'. The truth is, today, we have so many applications, games, and challenges which are connected to some horror stories.
Personally, I wouldn't let my kids watch this movie. They may even believe in the story. Or does Buddi doll actually live anyways?
Check out the trailer and share your experience. But, be sure that you don't watch it at night and while being home alone!

About the Author : Hello good people, I am Mike and I enjoy movies a lot! There is literally none movie I haven't watched, and there is none actor I haven't heard of! Are you like me? If you are, know how I will keep you informed about the things you like and those that interest you!

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