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Cookie policy & collecting your data

Making things clear is our way to have better communication with our readers. Therefore, we want you to understand how our website works. First of all, let's talk about cookies. It seems like how many users are afraid of those, or better said, don't actually understand in which way they function. We have decided to change that!

Overall, we use cookies with a purpose to optimize the work of our website. We don't like you to experience any trouble. You must know how, first, we need to collect your IP address once you make a decision to become active on our website (it may happen that you want to leave a comment somewhere-and we are very happy to hear that). So, we collect your IP address to reduce that huge number of spams numerous users usually receive.

When it comes to cookies, there are some types of it, but you should know about three of those. We will send you the first one, also known as a test cookie, to see if your browsers even accept those. After that, you will have to, or need to, accept login cookie or those that are related to your activity (known as main ones). All you need to know here is how those are really made to protect you from all the harmful things that may appear on the Internet. Login cookies will stay there just for two days or less, while the main ones have an approximate duration of one year.

Worried about all the content you may interfere with or see?

Actually, there is nothing to be worried about here. Yes, the truth is, it may happen that you come up to some content which is not from our website. Such content may also collect your information. Worried? You shouldn't be! It cannot get access to anything else you haven't already posted by yourself (we are talking about those users who have already created their profile on our website).

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