The consequences of Mark Ruffalo's spoilers of Thor: Ragnarok

Although everyone is talking about all those spoilers being made about Avengers: Endgame, let's remind ourselves what happened when Thor: Ragnarok movie was made.
It definitely seemed like how it was very hard for Mark Ruffalo to keep himself quiet about some details of the movie. When the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok was on, Ruffalo talked about the movie for a little bit too much over the social media.

At some point, he even turned the lifestream off. What is so wrong with that? It is wrong because people heard a little bit too much about the movie before they have even watched it!
Some of the best details of the movie were revealed by Mark Ruffalo. Did he suffer the consequences? It finally seems how that ''affair'' with his spoilers is done.
He claimed how everyone was mad at him when he came to work, yet, he also said how he didn't suffer any consequences and how it all went fine at the end.
When asked why he talked a little bit too much about Thor: Ragnarok before its premiere, he claimed how he wasn't even aware of how many details he has spoken about.
Nevertheless, we see the same things happening with Avengers: Endgame.

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